In recent years there has been a range of new educational developments for nurses moving into General Practice.

The evolving role of the General Practice Nurse (GPN) with specialist knowledge and skills is pivotal in contributing to the success of the transformation of primary care services. However, this brings unique challenges for nurses selecting General Practice Nursing: many GPNs are directly employed by General Practitioners with variations in roles, responsibilities, terms and conditions.

The QNI has published Voluntary Standards for nurses new to General Practice Nursing and separate Voluntary Standards for senior General Practice Nurses. These documents can be downloaded below.

Nurses New to General Practice

The Voluntary Standards of Education and Practice for nurses new to General Practice Nursing were published in 2020. The QNI was commissioned by NHS England to develop the standards as one of the actions arising from the strategic document, ‘Developing confidence, capability and capacity: Ten point action plan for General Practice Nursing’ (NHSE, 2017). The standards have been designed to provide a structured overview of best practice for nurses at the beginning of the career pathway. The standards also aim to give guidance to education providers developing introductory GPN programmes and Specialist Practitioner Qualification programmes.

Senior General Practice Nurses

The QNI and QNI Scotland jointly published Voluntary Standards for General Practice Nursing Education and Practice in 2017. These standards are focused on senior General Practice Nurses and have been designed to reflect the requirements of this role. These standards seek to guide senior GPN clinicians, their employers and higher education institutions (HEIs).

In 2016, the QNI published a major report on the General Practice Nurse workforce – General Practice Nursing in the 21st Century – a key piece of research that helped inform the GPN 10 point plan.

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