Adolescence can be a difficult time for young people often with increased risk-taking especially in relation to their health.

Confidentiality is an important factor; young people stress that they like the idea of direct contact with their school nurse through texting or emailing as it would remove the barrier of having to tell someone else and puts the young person more in control of their health.

The Smartphone application gives young people access to key health information 24 hours a day. It goes beyond just providing information to young people; it interactively engages them and encourages them to consider and change behaviour with regard to their health.


  • 202 total texts were received from May-December 2012.
  • 81% of these were relating to sexual or emotional health concerns.
  • 45 texts led to face-to-face appointments.
  • 93% of young people reported that they were aware of the school nurse text service.
  • 63% were aware they could access the school nurse via the lunch-time drop-in (in comparison with the British Youth Council (BYC 2011) who reported that 69% of young people didn’t know how to contact their school nurse).


  • Smartphone application
  • YouTube video made to promote the service
  • Promotional materials developed by young people to promote the service (original poster – in blue – won the ‘Poster Display Competition’ at the ‘Energising for Excellence Conference’ held by NHS Midlands and East).
  • TXT UR School Nurse poster
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A teenager using a mobile phone sits on a park bench


  • Location
  • Project date
    Duration - one year
  • Key aim
    To create a smartphone app that lets young people contact their school nurse confidentially.

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