Please remember that this is a new system. However, you may find the following trouble-shooting tips helpful:

If you can’t find an email from the QNI with the correct link

  • please look in the junk folder in your mailbox
  • please make sure to check the same mailbox you included in the form (personal or work)

Accessibility issues

  • please complete the form on your personal device rather than using an NHS computer
  • try using a different browser (Chrome preferred)
  • try using the ‘Incognito’ option on your web browser
  • try moving to a different IP address
  • please consider using an alternative email for the purpose of the URN request only (in your application form you will have the opportunity to provide your preferred email address).

If you have any other queries, please contact us at please provide as much information as possible about your system (what computer are you using, what browser, what email software, etc.) so that we can look for other solutions. Thank you.

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