The world celebrates International Nurses’ Day every May 12th – the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. The theme for 2019 is ‘Nurses: A voice to Lead – Health for All’.

Thought for the day. Did you know ‘Reflecting on healing’ is an anagram of Florence Nightingale? Our dear Florence, the lady with the lamp will smile!

Queen’s Nurse Linda Wain has written a poem to celebrate Nurses’ Day.

‘A Dedication to Community Nursing’ 


This is for all nurses in the community.

It is your day to celebrate International Nurses’ Day,

Press the pause button, stop the clock,

Be proud of your profession,

It’s unique, endorse it with pride.

Globally, you share a common denominator with all other nurses, you care.

This is your gift.


The Ipad crashed, the phones are down,

Connectivity, what a pain you say,

You stand up and brush yourself down having completed another datix!

Demand exceeds supply, acuity and complexity,

Crisis intervention to prevent an avoidable hospital admission,

Your RAG status is red,

The safety matrix and reports are due for submission,

You remain calm, focused and professional,

Encompassed with the 6C’s, the artistry of Nursing.

You prioritise and demonstrate the three core facets of resilience,

Flexibility, adaptability and learning,

These are your gifts.


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, leadership is too.

From White papers, Green papers, policies and guidelines to CQC recommendations,

Here comes another change!

Keep close to your heart, quality, innovation and improved outcomes for people.

If you think it, say it, distribute it for the shared purpose,

To do nothing is not an option,

Don’t sit on the lily pad waiting to take a leap, take the leap and embrace it.

With your solutions, ideas, creativity and professional integrity,

Embrace it, challenge it, the NHS will always change,

These are your gifts.


When you leave the office and close the door,

You may ask yourself, ‘have I made a difference?’ ‘how do I know?’

Through commitment, and dedication, you know you have been the best you can be.

A person may not remember your name, or what you said,

You will leave a memory and impact on their lives,

It’s how you make people feel,

You make a difference,

This is your gift.


Leadership, integrity, motivation and inspiration,

What a privilege to care for people in their homes,

From barges to caravans, houses to flats,

Residential homes, farms and clinics,

Person-centred compassionate Nursing care, delivered with pride.


You hear life stories, see social deprivation and social isolation,

You care for the dying, families and carers,

You hear a wheeze, you spot a wound, you see a tear, an anxious face,

Your eyes and ears are precious,

These are your gifts.


Revalidation frames the heart of your profession NMC ‘The Code’,

You endorse and deploy it with pride.

You are a leader, teacher, role model,

You innovate and empower,

You are skilled, knowledgeable and competent,

Your voice is a gift, articulate with confidence and share your pride in Nursing.


We are proud of our Trust values and vision,

Nursing is a part of the Health and Care team,

With opportunities of professional collaboration, teamwork and collective leadership.

Our goal is to get peoples care right first time, delivering quality and safe care, professional expertise and learn together for the local population we serve.


This is a wonderful opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’

For going the extra mile,

Celebrate your contribution to Nursing,

Happy International Nurses’ Day!


Linda Wain

Quality and Safety Matron

Queen’s Nurse

Nursing Now England Ambassador


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