On this page we have brought together some suggested general reading about community nursing and related subjects.

  • Community Nursing Services in England (2023)
    Donna Bramwell, Kath Checkland, Jolanta Shields, Pauline Allen.
    This book gives a historical account of the ways in which community nursing services have been shaped by policy changes, offering an assessment of how community nursing has evolved under successive governments an considers how lessons learnt from the past can inform the organisation of current services.
  • Applying complexity science in promoting community and population health (2022).
    Lake, D., Kinnair, D., Oldman, C., Wang, K., Yamaguchi, K., & Wei, H. A chapter in  Visionary Leadership in Healthcare: Excellence in Practice, Policy, and Ethics.  H. Wei & S. Horton-Deutsch, Indianapolis, IN: Sigma Theta Tau International. QNI Chief Executive Dr Crystal Oldman co-wrote this chapter. The book received the 2022 American Journal of Nursing Book of Year Award, 1st Place for the Management and Leadership category.  
  • Leading by Accident by Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam (2022). In this lecture, Professor Van-Tam speaks with characteristic candour about how he found himself taking a pivotal leadership role during the Covid-19 pandemic. He reflects on the many leadership challenges he faced, as well as the later success of the rollout of vaccines and antiviral drugs for the UK. He talks about the manner in which he communicated the data and science honestly to politicians, to ensure they had the essential information to make decisions.  

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