Hello, my name is Katharine Pepper and I have done it again! I have decided to sign up for another walking challenge on 4th May this year!

So, last year I did the Jurassic Coast Challenge and walked from Poole to Weymouth – 58 km in 17 hours.  I can remember saying to my friend that I was done and never again! Oops!!

I have decided with two friends and our husbands to walk 54 km of the Isle of Wight in May, which is halfway around the island.  I’m hoping that I will be a bit quicker than last year. I have decided to walk for the QNI this year, as being a Queen’s Nurse myself I wanted to make people aware of the role of the QNI within the community.

Katharine Pepper training for the Isle of Wight Walk Challenge

I live in a lovely part of the New Forest and I have been finding new walks to do for my training; I have already done 19 km to a local pub!!  So every weekend I’m going out walking with my husband and dogs and we are finding longer routes, as well as exploring new local places. Just as last year, I didn’t have a walking plan, I have just been going out every weekend and walking.

I’m finding that my feet are getting back into the walking lark! No blisters as yet and I have all my toenails in place as well (phew!). I must remember to tape my feet on my next big walk.

My two dogs Poppy and Gwennie love it at the moment as we are finding new places in the Forest to explore.

I would be really delighted if you feel able to sponsor me and raise funds for the QNI and community nursing.

Thank you!

Katharine Pepper, Queen’s Nurse


The header photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash.

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