The ‘run’ up to Christmas took on a different meaning for the people behind the clinical e-scheduling app Malinko at the end of last year.

In order to raise some money for the QNI, Malinko’s employees were encouraged to get away from their Teams calls, get outdoors and get active throughout December, as the Malinko management team agreed to pay £1 for every mile they walked, ran, cycled or swam.

We’re happy to say that the staff at Malinko more than met the challenge, racking up some impressive statistics, braving the winter weather, and sharing photos online to encourage others to do the same. One Malinko employee – technical author Kiran – even took to rollerblading around her local park to raise some cash.

The QNI is a charity close to our hearts, as we work with community healthcare teams - district nurses, therapies, virtual ward staff, maternity and mental health teams. Plus, the campaign was an opportunity to work off some weight before the Christmas binge - so it wasn’t all self-sacrificing!

Rob McGovern Malinko co-founder

We are enormously grateful to Malinko for taking on this challenge to raise money for the QNI. Their amazing efforts will help us to provide more support to community nurses who have been working tirelessly during this pandemic and have continued to provide excellent nursing care to the communities they serve.

Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, QNI Chief Executive

In total, Malinko raised £500 for The Queen’s Nursing Institute. This money will be used to support community nurses, providing excellent care for patients in the home and within the community – care which is even more critical during this time of a national emergency caused by the Covid pandemic.

We would like to say thanks for all your efforts, Malinko!

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