This free 1-hour masterclass focussed on planning and navigating research ethical approvals – from beginner to expert.

This masterclass is part of a series of events by the QNI’s Community Nursing Research Forum.

At the masterclass, speakers Vicky Thornton and Helen Marshall will introduce the importance of ethics in healthcare and research and why ethical approval is required. We will also discuss the information which is required when applying to undertake research. We will explore the duty of care to research participants whilst managing and mitigating risk. We will also consider the type of ethical approval needed such as NHS ethics and/or Higher Education level.

About the speakers

Vicky Thornton is a RN of 28 years. She specialised in critical care and then organ donation and transplantation before moving over to higher education as a lecturer. Her doctorate was in medical ethics.

Helen Marshall is a lecturer on the nursing programme at the University of Liverpool. She is a District Nurse and a Queen’s nurse. She has experience working in community nursing, tissue viability and safeguarding.

This masterclass is part of a series and is for all community nurses interested in doing a research study of their own, with some experience or knowledge of research methods. Learn more and join the Community Nursing Research Forum

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Date and time

20 April 2023


Online via Zoom

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