With regard to the recent outbreak of Covid-19, we are cancelling QNI events until the end of June at least.

Please also note that the QNI office in London is now closed until further notice and all staff members are working from home during their normal office hours.

Our aim is always to protect people’s health, and it simply wouldn’t be sensible to bring together hundreds of nurses, when they are already stretched dealing with Covid-19 on top of all the other pressures in the sector. We do not wish to put nurses at unnecessary risk of contracting or spreading the virus, so our events have been postponed as a cautionary measure. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

For further information please visit the following websites:

For advice about how coronavirus may affect the homeless population please visit the website of Homeless Link: https://www.homeless.org.uk/connect/blogs/2020/mar/05/covid-19-coronavirus-outbreak

If you have any queries regarding any of our events, please contact Farida Barlas . 

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