The Queen’s Nursing Institute held the first online awards ceremony in the charity’s history on 30 September 2020

The programme followed the usual order of events with the presentation of Fellowship to new Fellows, the Outstanding Service Award, academic prizes for students of specialist practice, innovation award winners and Queen’s Nurses.

The ceremony was opened by QNI Chair of Council, Dr John Unsworth, who welcomed the award winners and other guests to the ceremony. He thanked the charity’s supporters including the National Garden Scheme and introduced a short film made to thank the many Queen’s Nurses who sent a garden selfie to the QNI this year, to help raise awareness of the contribution of the National Garden Scheme in supporting the QN network.

George Plumptre, the Chief Executive of the National Garden Scheme and the QNI’s largest and longest standing funder, congratulated the QNI and community nurses on their achievements in working through the ‘extraordinary pressures’ of the pandemic this year. He praised the Queen’s Nurses’ adaptability and success in delivering care to people in need this year, and the ‘huge responsibility’ that was placed on them, particularly in areas such as end of life care. He said that the garden scheme was ‘enormously proud’ of the new Queen’s Nurses.

Mr Plumptre also spoke about how the pandemic had impacted on the work of the National Garden Scheme, which had made garden opening impossible for some months earlier this year. However, he also described the growing recognition that gardens and outdoor spaces have on the physical and mental health of individuals and communities, which is an issue that the NGS has campaigned vigorously on in recent years.


Dr Crystal Oldman welcomed Rosalynde Lowe CBE, Ruth May and Professor Charlotte McArdle to Fellowship of the QNI. She thanked them all for their individual and unique contributions to the nursing profession over many years. Short biographies of the new Fellows can be found here: https://www.qni.org.uk/news-and-events/news/qni-appoints-three-new-fellows-of-the-charity/.

Outstanding Service Awards  

Dr Oldman then presented the four Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Awards for Outstanding Service to Sandra Bonner, Pauline Finlay, Kate Spence and Janice Vance.

Academic Prizes  

The QNI currently awards three academic prizes to specialist practitioner students.

The Ellen Mary Memorial Prize for General Practice Nursing students was presented to Helen Farnworth and Kerry Tanner.

The Dora Roylance Memorial Prize for Health Visitor students was presented to: Sheryl Barclay, Gillian Chalk, Nichola Dumelow, Elizabeth Hales, Bonnie Harley, Keeley Jade Harris, Kelly Howell, Anna Hutchinson, Wendy Lear, Lucinda Russell-Smith, Laura Claire Shepherd, Tracey Torrie and Charlotte Wills.

The Philip Goodeve-Docker Memorial Prize for District Nursing students was presented to: Kirsty Ann Anderson, Megan Blinn, Shavonne Harvey, Amanda Hayden, Ansah Jamil, Fredalyne King, Sammy-Jo McMullen, Jennifer Morgan, Joanne Pullen, Sofi Richards, Nicola Rose, Valerie Shea, Clare Smith, Dawn Stearman, Reanne White and Eloise Williams.

A pre-recorded video message from Mr Nigel Goodeve-Docker, Philip’s father, was played, during which Mr Goodeve-Docker spoke movingly about his son’s endeavour and ultimate sacrifice while attempting to cross the Greenland Ice Sheet to raise funds for the QNI in 2013. He congratulated all of the Goodeve-Docker prize winners on their achievement and wished them well in their career as District Nurses.

The QNI annual awards ceremony 2020 was a truly remarkable event, managing to create an atmosphere of celebration and occasion whilst gathered online and in our own homes. One of the benefits was being able to open up the event to more people than could ever have fitted into an audience at a face-to-face event, so our award and title recipients were able to invite more of their loved ones to participate in the event.
Each recipient had a photograph and their name displayed on the screen as they received their award – replacing the few seconds that they may have walked across a stage. And lastly, the event was recorded, so the recipients, friends and family can experience again the announcement of their names and the spirit of celebration.
The feedback we have received from the participants has been outstanding and I congratulate them all in participating in a unique event with such enthusiasm and positivity – demonstrating exactly why they are receiving their awards! 

Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, the QNI’s Chief Executive

Innovation Project Leaders  

The leaders of the QNI’s most recently completed Fund for Innovation progamme were then recognised. Each individual nurse-led project concerned the improvement of care for people living with frailty in the community, and took place in 2019. The programme was funded by The Burdett Trust for Nursing.

  • Project: Darwen Healthcare Frailsafe Project, Julia Mullaney
  • Project: The Design and Delivery of Older Person’s Quality Champions in Primary Care, Marcelle Rollings, Rhonda Boden
  • Project: Identification of Frailty in Informal Carers of Residents Relocating to Permanent Nursing Care, Mary O’Boyle, Sadie Campbell
  • Project: Improving Nutrition and Hydration in a Residential Care Home, Julie Eldridge, Lola Soloye
  • Project: Nurse-led Case Management of Patients with Frailty and Multi-Morbidity, Stephen Skingley, Michelle Valentino
  • Project: Reaching out to the ‘hard to reach’, Kate Marsh
  • Project: RVS Health and Wellbeing Community Hub, Tammy Etherington, Sue Sutherland Clark
  • Project: SCARF (Stockport COPD Advice on Reviewing Care in Patients with Frailty), Laura Ahearn, Jacqueline Coleman
  • Project: Tai Chi for Increased Wellbeing, Naomi Purdie
  • Project: Wound and Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management in the Digital Age, Jane Nicoli-Jones.

Queen’s Nurses  

In the final part of the ceremony, the new Queen’s Nurses received their formal induction to the Institute by Dr Crystal Oldman.

Dr Oldman first paid tribute to Alison Burton Shepherd, who received the Queen’s Nurse title in 2010 and who very sadly died earlier this year. Alison was a role model and educator to many other members of the profession and had been a very active member of the Queen’s Nurse community. She will be greatly missed by her Queen’s Nurse colleagues and by the staff of the QNI.

Dr Oldman traced the history of the Queen’s Nurse title from its beginnings in the era of Florence Nightingale and William Rathbone, who provided inspiration and leadership in the foundation of the QNI in 1887.

Dr Oldman also acknowledged the contribution of all Queen’s Nurses in this eventful year and played a short film made by the cast of BBC’s Call the Midwife, made earlier this year by the cast, to thank Queen’s Nurses for their exceptional work.

  • The new Queen’s Nurses are:

Stephanie Abdel Rahman, Ruth Amartey, Angela Anderson, Anita Astle MBE, Kim Ball, Lynne Barlow, Laura Barton, Laura Beaumont, Debra Bennell, Caroline Bishop, Sara-Marie Black, Joanne Bowen, Sandra Brandon, Kristine Brayford-West, Karyn Brooke, Janet Brooker, Amanda Bugler, Loraine Butterworth, Melanie Cambage, Penelope Chafer, Cheryl-Ann Chandler, Reuben Collings, Sharon Collins, Pauline Covill, Sarah Cowell, Julia Dando, Rebecca Daniels, Donna Davenport, Lorraine Dempsey, Nigel Dodds, Clare Doleman, Maureen Downes, Sarah Fellows, Charlotte Emery, Katy Fenn, Emma Finlay,  Marion Finn, Julia Foot, Lisa Forbes, Sarah Gallagher, Lucy Girdler-Heald, Rosie Grenter, Elizabeth Grogan, Leanne Hale, Louise Hankin, Andrea Harris, Tracey Hartley-Smith, Jayne Hawkins, Rachael Hebbert, Anita Higgins, Kate Hill, Sarah Hince, Lisa Hollingsworth, Joanne Hunter, Helen Hurst, Marghanita Ilkovics, Laura Ireland, Tina Jegede Amybeth, Jones Lucy Jones, Stephanie Joy, Jasmine Kenney, Janet Knight, Susan Knight, Janine Lane, Wendy Lanham, Shaynie Larwood Smith, Alyson Laws, Helen Lord, Alison Mackintosh, Sarah Marquis, Judith Marsh, Paula Messenger, Kim Millman, Helen Mills, Katharine Mills, Alison Nicholson, Helen O’Connell, Stephanie O’Connor, Sarah Orme, Wendy Osborne, Philippa Othmane, Lydia Ottavio, Clare Palmer, Louise Parker, Lucy Parker, Adele Parsons, Jane Parsons, Nicola Payne, Claire Peck, Andrea Perrett, Debbie Pittman, Joanne Reynard, Gina Rogers, Leila Ronald-Jones, Jacqueline Rooney, Emma Self, Diane Shearer, Amy Sims, Jennie Slaney, Jane Smith, Karla Smith-Bishton, Helen Speller, Katharine Stevens, Alison Tallant, Dr Susan Thomas, Elaine Tinkler, Tina Titley, Trudi Walker, Sarah Weaver, Katy Welsh, Jane Whitaker, Mark Wiggins, Jacqui Williams, Jo-Anne Wilson and Elena Woods.

Dr Oldman concluded the evening by showing the film made by the QNI in 2019 with Health Education England and Mother London, ‘Nursing in the Community’. The film was shortlisted and received special mention in the World Health Organization’s inaugural Health for All Film Festival earlier this year and will be shown by the WHO again in coming months. The film is dedicated to Amanda Hesman, nurse and educator, who has a prominent role as a patient in the film and who sadly died shortly after it was made.


Notes to Editors:

Nursing in the Community Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcGKJSFWPHs

Call the Midwife Film: https://twitter.com/CallTheMidwife1/status/1246019271177777152

QNI Academic Awards: https://www.qni.org.uk/explore-qni/qni-awards/

Photographs of the event have been shared on the QNI’s Twitter feed.

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