The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) has launched its new Strategic Plan, which will guide the direction of the charity for the coming four years. The development of the QNI’s new Strategic Plan took place during 2020, at the same time as the full effects of the pandemic were impacting on health services, nurses and those they care for.

The new Strategic Plan is an accessible single page document that identifies the Mission and seven core values of the QNI, its strategic priorities and goals, and the measurable outcomes that will define the success of the charity in coming years, under the key themes of influence, quality and voice.  

Impacted by the pandemic, the pace of change in models of care delivery has been unprecedented and the work of nurses in the community has changed significantly.  New healthcare and communications technology has been rapidly embraced and there are now examples of information being shared almost instantaneously between individuals and services. Nurses have made fundamental changes at pace and at scale to meet the new challenges, though at immense personal cost to some.

Our new Strategic Plan reflects and responds to the context of care in which nurses work in all health and social care settings the community, and their impact on the communities they serve, including the most vulnerable and excluded citizens.

Building on the work of the charity in the last 134 years, our strategy sharpens the focus and strengthens the policy influence of the QNI, recognising the critical importance of data and evidence. Excellent care in the community is supported through our work in developing new ways of working, implementing nurse-led innovations and establishing quality improvement measures, whilst creating high quality standards for practice and education to reflect contemporary practice.

As the voice for nurses in health and social care in the community, the QNI strategy also provides the foundation for our work in developing excellent leaders at all levels, including system leaders, in response to the evolving landscape of needs, services and partnerships in the community. And we continue to support individual nurses, listening to their needs and responding appropriately to maximise their health, wellbeing and professional development.

Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, QNI Chief Executive

The QNI itself has also needed to adapt rapidly to the changed circumstances of the pandemic and deeper shifts in society taking place.

Professor John Unsworth, Chair of the QNI’s Council commented:

‘The QNI has always worked to ensure that its policies and programmes are equitable and inclusive. As well as ensuring we continue to drive our work around developing community nursing and influencing policy in 2020, in response to global events and rising awareness about racial discrimination, staff and trustees acknowledged that a deeper and more systematic review of our activities was needed, to ensure that all QNI programmes reflect the full and rich diversity of the nursing workforce.

‘The QNI seeks to raise the profile and the voice of all nurses serving their communities. If this voice is not heard, it is impossible for healthcare services to reach their full potential and meet the needs of the people they serve.’



The New QNI Strategic Plan: https://www.qni.org.uk/explore-qni/about/strategic-plan-2021-25/ 

Race, Equality and Inclusivity Action Plan: https://www.qni.org.uk/news-and-events/news/qni-publishes-race-equality-and-inclusivity-action-plan/ 

Covid19 2020 Impact Report: https://www.qni.org.uk/news-and-events/news/qni-publishes-new-covid-19-impact-report/ 

The QNI’s Values: 

Excellence: in nursing, supported by innovation and evidence.

Inclusivity: promoting and valuing equality and diversity in all that we do.

Partnership: with people, organisations and policy makers, ensuring individuals, families, carers and communities are at the heart of all we do.

Independence: using data and intelligence to provide an independent voice. 

Advocacy: championing the unique contribution of all community nurses.

Legacy: cherishing our history whilst supporting innovation and new ways of working. 

Integrity: living our values and challenging inequalities.

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