The Queen’s Nursing Institute has published a resource for community nurses caring for people living with Covid-19.

Commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement, the resource is called ‘Living with Covid-19 (Long Covid) and Beyond’. It provides information to support nurses working in community, care homes and primary care and also to the wider multi-disciplinary team including clinical knowledge, care responses and skills when caring for people during their recovery and rehabilitation.

It is predicted that there will be a ‘new wave’ of physical, mental and emotional health challenges as individuals enter recovery from Covid-19 infection – and for some this is combined with issues resulting from the social and economic impact of lockdown, such as isolation and unemployment.

The resource also aims to help nurses assist people, families, carers and employers to work towards managing post Covid-19 symptoms, regaining everyday life activities and returning to independent living wherever possible. It includes information on physical care, psychological and neuro-psychological care, social impact and features several case studies.

Sharon Aldridge-Bent, the QNI’s Director of Programmes (Leadership) who led on the development of the resource, said, ‘The resource was led and developed by community and primary care nurses, including district and general practice and school nurses, end of life specialists, mental health and safeguarding nurses. There was additional input from both occupational health nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The expert reviewers worked collaboratively and contributed with their experiences from working with people living with the long term effects of Covid-19.’

The QNI is delighted to have been commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement to develop this important new resource. It has been co-produced with expert nurses and the wider multi-disciplinary team who are currently working in the community supporting people living with the long term effects of Covid-19. The resource will continue to be added to as more information and evidence emerges about caring for people in the community with Long Covid symptoms. In addition, the QNI is planning to develop a Community of Practice to support community nurses and the wider multi-disciplinary team, focussed on caring for people with Long Covid in every community setting, and including their family and carers.

Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, QNI CEO



The resource is available to download below.

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