Community nursing charity, the Queen’s Nursing Institute, has published a new impact report, ‘How we Helped during the Pandemic’ illustrating the significant impact Covid-19 had on the charity and showing how it adapted to continue providing much-needed support to community nurses and to the people, families and communities they care for.

New initiatives created during the pandemic include a new listening service, TalkToUs©, launched to give emotional support by phone by trained listeners; a regularly updated Coronavirus information centre on the QNI website; new Covid-19 grants for nurses in financial need; several bespoke guidance resources including gathering innovative Covid-19 case studies from community nurses nation-wide; a new Facebook group for Care Home Nurses; and more calls to retired Queen’s Nurses through the Keep In Touch project.

Landmark events including the QNI annual conference were successfully transferred online and regular consultations, meetings and teleconferencing calls were made with the charity’s numerous stakeholders, including governmental bodies. Through its Community Nurse Executive Network, the QNI engaged with community and integrated provider organisations on a monthly basis, enabling learning to be shared around the country and with key policymakers.

We are working in extraordinary times and community nurses are doing an extraordinary job to protect the health of people, families and communities everywhere. All nurses working in the community are demonstrating the need for excellent community nursing is as great as ever and its opportunities are only growing as we adapt to today's challenges. We are delighted to be able to support them during this challenging period and we remain here to guide, champion and advocate for them as we have for the past 132 years.

Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, QNI Chief Executive

The Impact Report can be downloaded below.

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