Snowdrops are the first to mark the change of season and so for the seventh year running, garden-owners all over the country are opening their gates for the QNI’s oldest and largest funder, the National Garden Scheme’s Snowdrop Festival.

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors unique access to over 3,500 exceptional private gardens in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Guernsey, and raises impressive amounts of money for nursing and health charities – including the QNI – through admissions, teas and cake.

The Snowdrop Festival runs from 1st to 28th February, although a few gardens will remain open till early March. 100 gardens are opening for the festival with many of the gardens featuring other early spring flowers, such Galanthus and hellebores among others.  The snowdrop gardens attract high visitor numbers. The uncomplicated visitor experience – often accompanied by a warming bowl of soup or hot drinks – fresh air and the beautiful, faithful first signs of spring are a reminder of the changing seasons and the promise of what’s to come.

To find a perfect snowdrop garden near you, click here.

Remember to take a selfie of yourself when you visit a snowdrop garden, tag @NGSOpenGardens and the QNI, #SnowdropFestival2022.

Snowdrops: Theirs is a fragile but hardy celebration...in the very teeth of winter.

Louise Wilder

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