Homeless and Inclusion Health Nursing presents unique challenges and opportunities in healthcare delivery.

Nursing students – pre-registration and post-registration – will find that this is a rich area to develop their skills and expertise. If you are passionate about addressing health inequalities in the community, this specialism presents great opportunities. We will be adding more information to this area of the website soon.

A Day in the Life of

‘A Day in the Life of’ is a series written by experienced community nurses for student nurses to see what life in the community is like.

Serina Aboim, a Nurse Practitioner in Inclusion Health, London, Katie Baxter, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Inclusion Health, London, Lisa Gavin,  a Clinical Nurse Manager for Inclusion Health in Surrey and Sinead Rylance, a Practice Nurse from Salford have all described a typical working day for us.

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