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Ben is a clinical academic community nurse with 19 years clinical experience, specialising in palliative and end-of-life care.

He is a postdoctoral Research Associate with the Primary Care Unit, University of Cambridge, Visiting Research Fellow at Cardiff University and a practicing Community Palliative Care Nurse. Ben has been a Queen’s Nurse since 2009.

Ben is passionate about supporting community nurses to use research to enhance person-centred care and develop their own research expertise and careers. He is the co-founder of the UK-wide Community Nursing Research Forum and works closely with the Queen’s Nursing Institute in developing this inclusive community. To find out more and sign up for news, go to:

Ben’s recent NIHR funded PhD with the University of Cambridge investigated community end-of-life anticipatory prescribing practice and patients’, families’, and clinicians’ perspectives of this care. His postdoctoral research interests include improving systems for using end-of-life care medications at home. Ben’s recent research publications can be found here.