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Dr Cate Wood is Director of Nursing Programmes (Leadership and Standards).

She strives to encourage strategies and empower others to develop behaviours fundamental to high quality, safe and compassionate humanised leadership, and health care.

Cate became a nurse to use her head, heart, and hands in helping others. She expanded her learning whilst working in a variety of clinical (including District Nursing, advanced practice, specialisms in primary and secondary care and Public Health), managerial, educational and research positions with a focus on exploring ways of understanding what health is and approaches to human caring within the sphere of curing. What people perceive health to be, and the nuances of therapeutic encounters and relationships interest her. It is the person that is central, not the cure. In a humanising leadership context, the same is true, people matter more than things, relationships make the difference and reflecting is key. Cates’ wide range of interests inform the art and science of nursing, health and health care.