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Helen Mehra RN RM DN QN started her career working in a community hospital in London during which time she achieved a qualification in tropical medicine.

This then led her on to midwifery training as she wanted to work on projects overseas for the rural poor in developing countries.

After qualifying as a midwife, Helen put her skills to good use working on a mother and child project with a rural community in Trinidad before travelling to the Indian Himalayas to work as a volunteer midwife. Upon her return to the UK, Helen worked as a community midwife before qualifying as a district nurse in 1992. She then returned to India in 1995, where she spent five years managing a community health project. In 2015, she galvanised the local community to send clothes and vital supplies to communities in Nepal who were affected by a devastating earthquake. Helen continues to support health projects in the Central Himalayan region.

Helen continued with her professional development in the UK in district nursing, qualifying as a community practice teacher. She also completed the Mary Seacole postgraduate qualification in healthcare leadership, which champions compassionate standards of practice and patient care. She was a matron of a community hospital, but as community is where her passion lies, she became a community matron in 2009.

Helen is an independent prescriber and a passionate district nurse. Helen proudly became a Queens Nurse in 2015. Helen is not only committed to her own ongoing professional development but also that of the many community teams she manages. She is pivotal in initiating standards for community nursing teams. Helen’s dedication to nursing is in providing compassionate and excellent clinical care to patients both in the UK and developing countries.

After completing the QNI Executive Nurse Leadership Programme in 2019, Helen was successful in being appointed to the role of Head of Nursing and integrated pathways for Enfield Community Services.

In 2022, Helen took up the role of Chair of the QNI’s Community Nurse Executive Network.