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Zahir joined the QNI as Honorary Treasurer in 1994 and has acted a Honorary Treasurer for three periods during his membership of Council.

Zahir is a Patron Appointed Trustee who has made a significant contribution to the Institute as both Treasurer and as a Trustee. Most recently he assisted the Chief Executive in managing a turbulent financial period  following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zahir’s contribution to the Institute has been immeasurable alongside colleagues he has grown the endowment while at the same time releasing funding to support the growth of the QNI. This has included the development of the International Community Nursing Observatory (ICNO) in which he took a lead role and the investment in our previous strategies with growth in policy work, leadership and professional development programmes.

Zahir Fazal is a Chartered Accountant and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Prior to his retirement he was a senior partner at Howath Clark Whitehill. He is currently Chair of BESTrustees which is an independent trustee company providing support to the UK’s pension industry. His current appointments cover a wide range of pension schemes and diverse industry sectors. He has several appointments as Chair of Trustees and two as a Sole Trustee.

As a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, he is currently Chair of the Institute’s Pensions Sub-Committee and immediate past Chair of the Pensions Research Accountants Group where he remains on the Board.

Zahir stood down from Council in December 2021 and was appointed a Vice President of the QNI in the same month.