This report is an end of project evaluation of the Oak Foundation/QNI’s co-funded Homeless and Inclusion Health Programme. A survey was sent to 1315 members of the QNI’s Homeless and Inclusion Health network.

In addition to the survey, a series of 12 interviews took place supplemented by a focus group with frontline health care practitioner members of the network with various levels of seniority and experience,  and a second group discussion with strategic health leads working in this area of practice. Three case studies were also compiled to illustrate the impact, range and geographical spread of the reach of the Homeless and Inclusion Health Network and the support of the QNI more generally.

Download the Executive Summary (20 pages) in the right hand column.

To read the full Evaluation (128 pages) click here:  QNI Homeless and Inclusion Health Programme Evaluation Report 2021


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