External funding for the QNI Homeless Health Programme was provided by Oak Foundation in 2017-2020.

As part of the funding agreement with Oak Foundation, the QNI delivered a number of nurse-led projects that sought to improve the health of people experiencing homelessness or who were otherwise vulnerably housed.

The QNI has developed considerable expertise in supporting local projects since 1990 as part of its ‘Fund for Innovation’ work. Typically this involves a group of nurse-led projects sharing common characteristics that are supported with seed capital, workshops, site visits and advice from QNI staff and external specialists.

Ten nurse-led homeless health projects were selected by the QNI in 2017 to receive funding of up to £5000 each and the projects ran from 2017-18.

The QNI commissioned this evaluation to describe and analyse some of the key outcomes of the projects, during and after the project year, and to evaluate the role and impact of the QNI in supporting them to deliver on their specific objectives. It also sought to identify areas that were particularly challenging for the project leaders and how the QNI may be able to develop its programme of support to benefit future cohorts of nurse leaders and, importantly, the individuals and communities that they serve.

This evaluation was carried out independently by Rosamund Bryar, a Fellow of the QNI.

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