BRICSS is a 14 bed accommodation unit that along with Bevan Healthcare, works with clients who are homeless, inadequately housed and need health input to offer short term temporary accommodation for clients who are discharged from hospital.

It aims to support patients who need continuing medical care or have unsuitable or no accommodation and so would otherwise have a prolonged stay in hospital or be discharged onto the streets. Patients are cared for in a dedicated facility containing 14 studio flats. The service is staffed by a team of resettlement and housing officers and by a GP and nurse who perform a ward round twice a week. Staff provide an integrated, holistic service of medical and social care including long term medicine management, nutritional meals, housing assistance, and benefits help.

The project is managed by an Operational Group of health, housing and social workers which manage the day to day problems. This group reports to a Strategic Board of key workers from across health and housing organisations, and local commissioners. Bevan Healthcare attest that it is good long term relationships between organisations that are key to ensuring the success of the project.

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  • Location
  • Project date
    Duration - 3 months + one year
  • Key aim
    To provide an intermediate care facility providing respite accommodation for vulnerable patients on discharge from hospital.