In 2020, we awarded over £87,000 in grants to community nurses who were experiencing financial difficulties.

We gave help to nurses who were going through periods of physical or mental illness, trying to escape domestic abuse, or experiencing other life crises such as flooding, Covid-19,  marriage breakdown or bereavement.

We are proud that we can offer assistance to community nurses when they need us. We look at every case on an individual basis and in 2020 we helped 130 nurses, working and retired, who needed our help.

We were able to help and support five nurses who had been affected by flooding earlier in the year; we set up a Flood grant which enabled us to give money quickly to those that needed food and supplies as they were in an emergency situation. We gave 30 Nurses a grant as they had been affected by Covid-19, either by not being able to work or their partner not working. Some had child care issues which meant they couldn’t work, some couldn’t do bank work where they had relied on the extra income.

We helped four nurses that were unable to work as they were off sick for a long period, as well as awarding grants to three nurses that had escaped abusive relationships. Others came to us when they were suffering financially because of  physical or mental health difficulties or just a run of bad episodes in their lives. We were able to help with their utility bills, buying white goods, helping with home repairs plus a variety of other things.

We also supported a number of retired Queen’s Nurses on low incomes, by paying them small regular monthly or quarterly grants and sending them flowers at Christmas.

Examples of how we have helped

During tough times…

Anita’s husband left her several years ago, leaving her to bring up three young children alone. His financial support for them was always sporadic but then he stopped helping altogether. Anita began to fall into arrears with her rent and finally was facing eviction when the house she was living in was to be sold. We were able to help Anita with the deposit towards a new property and supported her for three months by sending her food vouchers.

Help with housing…

Peter had separated from his wife and children and was trying to maintain the family home and pay rent for a flat nearby. He was struggling financially and not able to cope. He was awarded a grant to get him settled into his new property and then help with utility bills.

After a stroke…

Wendy had suffered a severe stroke at a young age two years ago and had been left with right-sided weakness with no movement in right arm and hand and her speech was affected. We awarded a grant to help her adapt her car so she could still go out when she was feeling better.

Bridging the gap…

Jenny had been diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 breast cancer and was going through treatment, when her husband was made redundant. They had three children living at home. We awarded a grant to help with living expenses until they obtained their state benefits.

All names have been changed.

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