The QNI believes in the best possible nursing for individuals, carers and families in the community.

We work with nurses and decision-makers to make sure that high quality nursing is available at home and in the community for everyone when and when they need it.

We embrace a culture of inclusion and are fully committed to promoting and achieving diversity and equity in all of our professional networks and in our interactions as a charity, both internally and externally. Championing diversity is an issue that matters deeply to us and as a team we are dedicated to living these organisational values and challenging prejudice and racism.

Following the report of the QNI Race, Equality and Inclusivity review, presented to QNI Council in September 2020, the following action plan was developed. The Action Plan focused and responded to each of the recommendations which were accepted in full by Council at the September 2020 meeting. The recommendations were structured around the three strategic themes detailed in the report:

1. QNI structure and culture
2. QNI operational work
3. QNI as an influencer.

We are currently reviewing the QNI’s Race, Equality and Inclusivity Action Plan (2021), which will be published shortly.

External Links and Resources

Too Hot To Handle (2024): the latest report from brap – the equality and human rights charity – shows the health service is still falling short in tackling race discrimination. The report argues there is a culture of avoidance, defensiveness, and minimization of racism within NHS trusts. Read it here.

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