External organisations often ask The Queen’s Nursing Institute to endorse or support policy or practice documents.

In some cases, we are asked for our endorsement where we have not been actively involved in every step of the development and drafting process. The criteria we use to assess these requests are:


A large part of our work is undertaken in collaboration with other bodies. In these cases we agree conditions and processes for endorsement at the start of each project. Such collaborations are agreed on a case-by-case basis by the Chief Executive.


In general, we are unable to endorse policies or documents that have been developed without our active participation from the initial stages. Our endorsement gives a document the same status as a QNI document, so must be agreed by the QNI’s Chief Executive.


We may offer support if a document or campaign is relevant to our mission and aims, the group or organisation leading the work is reputable and we are willing to express our public support about the document or initiative. In these cases we may permit use of our name but not our logo, and may be able to offer PR support.

As a general rule, please contact the QNI as soon as possible to make us aware of any project in which you would like our involvement, so that full consideration can be given.

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