This free 1-hour masterclass focussed on an introduction to qualitative data analysis: Reflexive Thematic Analysis.

This masterclass is part of a series of events by the QNI’s Community Nursing Research Forum.

At the masterclass, Dr Emma Rowland will present qualitative data analysis techniques, specifically focusing on reflexive thematic analysis (Braun and Clarke 2019). The six-step process of reflexive thematic analysis will frame the discussions around data analysis. Worked examples will illuminate how qualitative researchers shape the process of data analysis to develop themes that ‘tell a story’ and ‘make arguments’ about the data collected. If you can, before the session please read Braun V, Clarke V, Hayfield N. ‘A starting point for your journey, not a map’: Nikki Hayfield in conversation with Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke about thematic analysis. Qualitative Research in Psychology. 2022;19(2):424-45.

Masterclass Summary

Read a short summary here: Masterclass summary – Reflexive Thematic Analysis March 2023

About the speaker

Emma Rowland, PhD is a Lecturer at the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery and Palliative Care, King’s College London, United Kingdom. She is a Social and Cultural Geographer with an interest in both emotional and health geographies. She is primarily a qualitative researcher and ethnographer collecting data using static ethnographic observations and shadowing, semi-structured and story-telling interviews and focus groups and analysing data using reflexive thematic analysis. Her work focuses on how space, place, temporality and ideas of proximity and distance within secondary care settings (hospital and ambulance service), impact on health professionals’ emotion management, relationships with each other and their patients and on their delivery of patient care. She is also interested in the emotion management, specifically emotion work, of families affected by disease, illness, long-term conditions and child-loss.

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16 March 2023


Online via Zoom

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