It’s important to emphasise the attractions and benefits of the area where your trust is based, working with your colleagues in the communications team and other stakeholders.

People coming to the UK may have a preference for a city or rural environment – it is usually assumed that people gravitate to major cities first, but they are more likely to consider smaller towns if they are confident of a good support structure, good quality of life, access to foods, products and other supplies specific to their cultural needs, as well as a warm welcome from new colleagues and the wider community.

Most NHS Trusts have a good website that showcases the attractions of working in their part of the country.  This is an example of a good website of this kind, though there are many other examples – . If you know of a good website, please let us know so we can add a link to the page.

Most nurses working in the community will be out and about, travelling to a number of settings including homes, clinics, and Nursing Homes, enabling them to learn about their environment and community. It’s important to stress the huge range of opportunities to progress in a career as a community nurse in England. This video is just one inspiring example:

In the beginning, it’s important to try and match applicant CVs with the roles available. Working with agencies that have the appropriate resources and experience to help find the most appropriate candidates can be very helpful.

NHS Employers publishes a list of approved recruitment agencies:

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