General Practice Nurses work in a GP surgery as part of a primary healthcare team, which typically includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and dietitians. A practice nurse will be involved in almost every aspect of patient care and treatment, undertaking such tasks as:

  • Treating small injuries
  • Helping with minor operations done under local anaesthetic
  • Helping people manage long term conditions
  • Health screening
  • Family planning
  • Running vaccination programmes (e.g. against flu)
  • Running programmes to help people to stop smoking.

Nurses working in General Practice are undertaking an ever wider range of roles, with experienced nurses assuming more of the traditional workload of GPs. For nurses working in primary care, this should be seen as a positive development: for those seeking a challenging and rewarding nursing career, General Practice can offer this.

The role allows nurses to develop long term relationships with individuals and families, managing their conditions and improving physical and mental health and wellbeing. However this is only possible when sufficient time can be invested to support patients to develop effective self-management and preventative measures.

Today’s Practice Nurses are also far more likely to visit patients in their own homes.

The QNI has produced a free online learning tool for nurses who are new to General Practice or who are considering moving into this field. Click here for more information.

For more information have a look at: NHS National Careers Service

Debbie Brown A General Practice Nurse carrying out a patient assessment

Time to think about a career in General Practice Nursing: London

Practice nursing offers a varied, fast-paced career and NHS North West London CCG welcomes your passion.

You may already be working in acute or community nursing, or perhaps your returning to practice or you’re new to nursing altogether.

Find out more on  NHS North West London CCG’s General Practice Nursing Website.

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