The QNI organisational membership scheme offers a huge range of benefits to organisations and their nursing and AHP staff. We have worked closely with community nursing leaders to develop an offer that is tailored to your needs. We’ll continue to refine the programme with our members to ensure it is up-to-date, relevant and targeted. Working together we can grow the capacity and profile of community nursing, bringing real benefits to you and and your teams.

An infographic of QNI organisational membership benefits



  • Monthly webinars for membership organisations

Topics will be determined by member organisations to meet their changing CPD needs. Themes may include wound care, delivering vaccines, IPC, long covid, research, mentoring, integration, understanding the NHS landscape. All nurses and AHPs within member organisations will be able to access the webinars.

  • Career Development for Rising Stars

Each year the QNI will invite member organisations to identify two rising stars in the organisation to participate in career development support sessions. These sessions will be led by QNI staff and Fellows.

  • Innovation and Quality Improvement webinars

The QNI has an excellent track record in supporting nurse-led innovations in practice. We will offer membership organisations the opportunity to learn from successful Innovation and Quality Improvement projects. Learn how to deliver and evaluate new ways of working through real examples. 67% of QNI innovation projects continue beyond their initial year, with many becoming part of commissioned services.

  • Leadership Programme

The QNI has developed highly regarded leadership programmes for nurses and AHPs. Over the past six years, our Aspiring Leaders programme had a zero drop out rate, and 50% of participants go on to more senior or more responsible role by the end of the 10-day programme. Individual mentorship is offered throughout. Member organisations will be offered a 10% discount for every place taken up on the programme.

  • Political Influencing programme

Two senior nurses in each member organisation will be offered the opportunity to participate in political awareness programme led by an ex-MP and/or previous Health Minister. This will include programme webinars, practical exercises in creating evidence to influence policy, and a visit to Westminster to witness political processes in action.

  • Annual Meeting of Members

The Annual Meeting, held in London, will be an opportunity to discuss national healthcare and nursing policy, questions affecting community healthcare, the workforce, education and any topical issues.

  • Additional Benefits
    • Use of the QNI logo on the organisation’s website.
    • An annual online meeting for each member organisation.
    • Signposting to and involvement with the extensive networks and activities of the QNI.


For more information, please contact Edina Peto at or call 020 7549 1400.

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