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Sue Tranka is a Registered Nurse, and was an NHS Trust Manager in England.

She is now the Chief Nursing Officer – Nurse Director NHS Wales in the Welsh Government. Previously, Sue was the Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for Patient Safety and Innovation at NHS England and NHS Improvement.

She held the Director of Infection Prevention and Control role leading the national team in their response to supporting guidance development, implementation and remobilisation of NHS services. Protecting staff and patients from nosocomial transmission of Covid has been a key focus of her work since the start of the pandemic.

Sue has 29 years of experience in nursing and has spent the last 22 years working in the National Health Service. Sue trained as a midwife, registered general nurse, mental health and community nurse. She was made an honorary visiting professor by the University of Surrey and has established links with Staffordshire University as a professional advisor on Human Factors programmes.

In October 2020, Sue was voted as one of HSJ’s 50 most influential people in health.