This learning resource, updated in 2022, is designed for nurses with an interest in working with people experiencing homelessness and for those who are already in this area of practice, who would like an update on current practice and approaches.

Completing this chapter will enable you to:

  • learn how to use this learning resource
  • define homelessness and housing exclusion across three domains
  • learn about the historical context and the role of the NHS in tackling inequality
  • evaluate recent data on homelessness and its causes
  • learn about the challenges homeless patients have in accessing healthcare
  • consider different approaches you will need to take when nursing homeless patients
  • create a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, and use this to inform your future learning
  • outline the key competencies required by a homeless health nurse
  • consider other professionals you will work with when caring for homeless patients.
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