Young children with a long term condition such as diabetes receive a great deal of support during childhood, often from a multi-disciplinary team. The care they receive as they make the transition to adult services can be very different. Consequently many develop complications with their disease.

Workshops included information on: Type 1 diabetes; Type 2 diabetes; problem solving; communication skills and dealing with stress; medication; bullying; school; careers and the future; friendships; carbohydrates; sports and exercise; feeling down or depressed and relationships.

The aims of the project were:

  • to work with young people through a number of workshops to improve their experience of the transition process from paediatric services to adult care.
  • to ensure they are not lost to the system, risking serious and preventable complications to their disease.

Project outcomes were:

  • Four workshops held to inform young people.
  • Reduction in unplanned hospital admissions following workshops.
  • Young people involved with the project have increased knowledge about diabetes.
  • Young people report increased confidence in managing their diabetes.
  • Young peple report that they are now more prepared for transition to adult services.
  • They also report feeling more confident in accessing diabetes, GP and other services they may require.


Pathway of care developed for young people with diabetes to facilitate a smooth transition from paediatric to adult diabetes services.

Facebook and Twitter pages have been set up for children with type 1 diabetes in Walsall.

Managing Type 1 Diabetes through the Transition Years Poster

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  • Location
  • Project date
    Duration - one year
  • Key aim
    To help young people make a safe transition from children's to adult's health services.