In 2022-23, a group of community nurses undertook a QNI innovation programme on the theme of personalised care.

The final reports of the individual projects have been summarised here, to help share the learning from the programme and inspire others.

Personalised Care Projects Final Report Summary 2023


This programme of professional development was for projects that sought to develop personalised care for people, led by community and primary care nurses, in England.

All project leaders benefitted from the QNI’s highly rated professional development programme and funding of up to £5000, thanks to support from NHS England.

Personalised care means people have choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered. It is based on what matters to them and their individual strengths and needs. To read more about personalised care on our website, go to:

Short Case Study

A wheelchair user, ‘John’, was at high risk of pressure ulcers due to his immobility and finding pressure relieving equipment uncomfortable. For five years, John had been able to maintain his skin integrity by applying dressings which were not covered by the organisational formulary, and although he paid for them himself, this was not sustainable. When the dressing was identified as inappropriate and changed by another nurse, he sustained a grade 2 pressure ulcer which then required three visits a week for dressing changes, which limited John’s independence, increased his pain and reduced his ability to shower. After a review and adopting a person-centred approach, the specialist district nurse negotiated with the GP, providing evidence that prescribing John’s preferred dressing was more cost effective than doing three visits a week. Thinking outside the box and providing person-centred care reduced John’s pain, improved his wellbeing and improved his relations with community services.

  • With thanks to Gail Goddard QN

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