Fawn Bess-Leith, QN

Being a Queen’s Nurse means I am committed to ensuring and promoting diversity, equality, inclusiveness, respecting and valuing everyone I am in contact with.
The title enables me to showcase the compassion, care, courage, competence and commitment enveloped in my day-to-day work, as well as the varied skills, knowledge and expertise I possess, equally derived from education and first-hand experiences over the past 24 years, as a Nurse, Midwife, Family Nurse and Health Visitor.
As a Queen’s Nurse, my aim is to grow as an exceptional leader. This includes being visible and collaborating with others to promote high quality health for clients and being a role model to my colleagues. The title affords great opportunities to express my desired ambition in creative and innovative ways to continually strive for high standards of client care.


Kendra Schneller, QN

Being a Queen’s Nurse means that I am committed to delivering a high standard of care to my patients by promoting equitable access to healthcare.

The Queen’s Nurse title enables me to continually strive to improve the standards of care received by my patients, at a higher level, by raising the visibility of the challenges and barriers that often dominate their journey in accessing healthcare. The title supports me to be an exceptional role model and compassionate leader for the future generations of nurses and to aspire other community nurses who may not necessarily think they can become a Queen’s Nurse, to have the confidence to apply.


Ben Bowers, QN

Being a Queen’s Nurse has opened up many doors and opportunities to influence and improve patient-centred care, working with like-minded peers and policy makers. It’s a great way to help make a difference, and be supported on the journey by the QNI and the extensive network of Queen’s Nurses.


Carol Webley-Brown, QN

Being a Queen’s nurse elevates me every day to work hard to provide the highest level of care l can give even in times of austerity.

Donna Fraser, QN

The QN title gives me a huge sense of pride – being able to promote and champion the role of community nursing is a privilege I am grateful for. The opportunity to be part of developing future practice, and networking with fellow QNs fills me with admiration and inspiration.


Parveen Akhtar, QN

Being a QN is  unique and  special,  it gives you that extra spring in your step  and strength to continue giving amazing care.


Yemisi Osho MBE, QN

Being an extraordinary Queen’s Nurse has given me a platform to broaden innovative community nursing care practice. It has helped to amplify my voice to continue to advocate, promote high standards and quality care for patients and their families.

Besides contributing widely to service transformation and promoting the value of nursing both within and outside the NHS, I have also utilized the fundamental values of nursing in my political career to campaign for equitable, inclusive health and social care provisions as well as diverse workforce for better health outcomes for patients and their loved ones.


Helen Hurst, QN

I am extremely proud and honoured to be a Queen’s Nurse. I try and inspire others to find their passion in Practice Nursing, by sharing best practice and the projects that I have been funded to do by the QNI, NGS and the Charlie Waller Memorial Fund that have an impact on the health and wellbeing of our Military Veterans.  


Caroline Donley, QN

My Queens’s Nurse title has enabled me to develop quality learning environments for nursing students in General Practice to promote early careers in primary and community nursing. The excellent QNI resources have supported me to achieve this and made me feel valued as a nursing professional.


Michelle Griffin, QN

I qualified as a Registered Learning Disability Nurse 29 years ago and have worked much of that time as a Community Learning Disability Nurse which involves meeting the holistic health needs of adults diagnosed with a learning disability through helping them to access appropriate services and empower them to live inclusive and fulfilling lives within their local community. I feel so proud that the work I have done over the years has been recognised nationally by being awarded the Queen’s Nurse title. Being given the opportunity to champion and raise the profile of community learning disability nursing has also felt fantastic.


Linda Thorley, QN

For me being a Queen’s Nurse is wonderful, I continually promote leadership and I’m a role model for my team. I enjoy learning and really embrace this and encourage others to do the same.  I always ensure person centred care for all.


Mercy Wasike, QN

Being a QN has presented me with opportunities to expand and maximise my networks. This includes being able to encourage and support others to become QNs themselves!


Tracie McKelvie, QN

Being a QN brings a huge sense of pride and self-belief. For me, being a QN is an opportunity to showcase, and shout about what I am truly passionate about, which is providing high standards of individual / patient centred-care, and to continue to develop professionally. The QN title has opened so many doors in terms of opportunity to include networking, learning and development, and recognition, and since being awarded the QN title back in 2018, I now sit on specialist and nurse expert groups. This enables me to have a voice, and collaborate with others, which in turn allows for the sharing of experiences in order to promote best practise – which is vital in order to get the best from us as a community nursing workforce. I have also been very fortunate in having the opportunity to successfully complete the QN Executive Nurse Leadership Programme, which would not have been possible had I not applied to become a QN.


Charlene Stewart-Grimes, QN

I am passionate and dedicated to community working, and being awarded the Queen’s Nurse title has given me a platform to further promote the amazing work nurses working in the community deliver.  I work as a role model and leader to members of the team and the network of Queen’s Nurses is exceptional.   I am proud to be a Queen’s Nurse.

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