Are you looking to expand your research skills and knowledge? Our bite-size online research masterclass is a good place to start!

Led by experienced researchers and nursing professionals, you will learn about the latest developments in nursing research, data analysis, and evidence-based practice.

At the masterclass, Professor Alison Leary discusses some of the research she has led with the QNI International Community Nursing Observatory (ICNO) and its impact, including key research into the experiences of care home staff during Covid-19. Alison covered how community nurses can contribute or get involved in research: as participants, collaborating in research or being active users of evidence.

At this masterclass, Dr Jenni Burt outlines how to approach the critical appraisal of qualitative research papers, with a particular focus on assessing the rigour of methods used, the coherence of findings, and the likely transferability of insights generated. 

In this masterclass, Professor Catherine Walshe outlines how to write for a peer-reviewed research-focused journal, focusing on the audience, structure, and content of the paper.

At the masterclass, Dr Emma Rowland presents qualitative data analysis techniques, specifically focusing on reflexive thematic analysis (Braun and Clarke 2019).

A free webinar chaired by Ben Bowers and Gina Awoko Higginbottom, featuring Vari M Drennan, Sarah Ellison and Catherine Evans.

At the masterclass, speakers Vicky Thornton and Helen Marshall introduce the importance of ethics in healthcare and research and why ethical approval is required. They also discuss the information which is required when applying to undertake research. The speakers explore the duty of care to research participants whilst managing and mitigating risk and also consider the type of ethical approval needed such as NHS ethics and/or Higher Education level.

A free webinar chaired by Dr Ben Bowers and Kumbi Kariwo, a registered Learning Disability Nurse who has worked in the NHS for 22 years.

At the masterclass, speaker Anthony Manning-Stanley introduces and discusses the main concepts related to working with numerical data in research projects. Starting with an exploration of some basic definitions of data types and how we treat these in order to produce various descriptive statistics, the discussion then moves on to consider the inferential statistical tests that can be conducted in order to reach conclusions related to statistical significance.

This presentation on quality improvement in healthcare begins with a contextual overview of why quality improvement is essential in healthcare environments, defining what it means and considering the principles of embedding it into clinical practice.

Chaired by Ben Bowers, this event showcased three presentations: Dr. Helen Lyndon on the HAPPI study, Ashley Shield on community-based nurses’ nutritional care practices, and Dr. Diane Bunn on hydration care for older people.

This free 1-hour masterclass with Professor Alison Richardson is focused on developing research questions. It also features a presentation by Isobelle Madden on the importance of involving patients and the public in the research lifecycle.

This free 1-hour masterclass with Professor Clare Jinks from Keele will provide insights on research methods and ways of choosing ones appropriate for your research.

Ben Bowers, Wellcome Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and Community Nursing Research Consultant with the QNI shares tips and his experiences to date.

Jenni Burt, PhD, principle research associate, University of Cambridge, discusses using an interdisciplinary applied qualitative approach to health care research, including commonly used methods, challenges, and methods-related advice received and given.

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